“I am here to show that everything is possible,” declares Kash Johns, the founder of Winners Circle Worldwide Publishing & Management. Kash created a multi-faceted business that includes a management firm, a publishing company, and a recording studio compound. Winners Circle lives up to its name, producing songs with over 100 million records sold, 51 #1 hits, and three Grammy Awards in an ever-growing trophy case. The company is the product of an enterprising, studious mind who brought his vision to reality and used the platform to empower others. “We are a one-stop-shop,” Kash explains, with his hand in every aspect of song-making.

Winners Circle is all about drive. Mantras like “real relationships bring real results” and “committed to executing consistently” echo in Kash’s office, which adjoins his 8,000-square foot Atlanta studio. Among his two dozen clients are hit-making producers such as Go Grizzly (Future), Smash David (Khalid), Turn Me Up Josh (Lil Durk), London Jae (Cardi B ), and Pooh Beatz (DaBaby). “My formula is this: five #1 Billboard records at 50% publishing will guarantee you to be a millionaire,” Kash regularly stresses to his roster. With its talent scattered across the country, Winners Circle has helped create at least five millionaires. Plaques decorate Winners Circle’s I AM Studios, featuring nine recording rooms, a rehearsal space, plus sleeping and kitchen quarters. Kash describes a driven, selfless, and collaborative environment among his roster and staff. One of the things he tells hungry artists is, “Everybody with a plaque in here has made a choice to create, execute, and get things done.” Motivation is the writing on the walls.

Having signed a partnership with Warner Chappell Music and two-time winner of BMI’s “Citation of Achievement ” award, Kash is proud to be involved with every stage of a song. “Management teaches you how to work with people. Publishing shows you how to put the records together, hands-on,” he says of a songwriter roster that includes creators for Cardi B. “The studio gives you the environment to be a fully-operational machine.” However, Winners Circle has much more in store. “I’m currently committed to partnering on the record label side. We are developing our own artists in addition to working with other major-label talent.” Kash Johns has taken

Kash Johns hit the music scene fervently in the 2000s, getting production placements with Harlem’s own Dipset. His experience with the New York City-bred collective helped to develop his keen interest in the music business.

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