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Winners Circle Publishing LLC is a groundbreaking music publishing company that provides management , production, and publishing services.  Winners Circle is administered by Warner/Chappell, one of the leading music publishing companies in the world. Winners Circle Publishing LLC was established in 2015.

Send 3 or less songs  please mp3s only attached to 1 email.
Make sure the most important song is attached. Please make sure every song is labeled with artist/writer, song title, and date.
Please make sure there’s a one paragraph bio or description.

Kash Johns President of A&R Winners Circle Publishing LLC :


Please send your top songs / tracks via email. If an A&R recommends your music, our team will guide you from that point on.

Winners Circle signs songwriters and producers that are strategic thinkers. Committed, unique, and great music collaborators. 
Our songwriters create contagious lyrics, original concepts, and infectious melodies. 
Our producers create next level sounds. They set trends. 

NO.This is something we do for our Winners Circle signed artist, songwriters and producers. It’s your manager’s job to give you this assessment.

Memorable melodies, clever lyrics, and all types of sticky hooks that make songs unforgettable. Please do not submit anything that sounds similar to previous material recorded by Major label artists.

We are seeking interns who have a passion for A&R and discovering new music. Interns have the opportunity to learn from some of the best A&R’s in the industry. Functions/aspects of the job include…

– Providing day to day support to the A&R team
-Understanding what makes a song a hit song
-Understanding how publishing works
– Coordinating recording sessions 

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